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Friday, January 19, 2018


18th January, 2018

Chikako san took a vacation day today. 
We enjoyed walking around Koriyama City. 
And shopping @ The Mall. 

I had been on a strict diet in Australia
so no alcohol, no carbs, no sweets, etc. 

Last night was the first glass of Sapporo beer
that I had had since early November. 
Today (Friday) we shared a small bottle together
as we ate ramen. 

Then after walking around we ended up heading towards the station 
and some wonderful coffee and non-sweet almond cake 
on the 6th floor of USUI. 

 Later that evening we went shopping 
and I bought two new pairs of shoes
 @ The Mall. 

My joggers in Australia ( originally from Sendai Outlet )
have just about worn out. 
Plus a pair of casual shoes never go astray. 

A fun Thursday in Koriyama City.