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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tuesday Evening

Tuesday Evening
23rd September

We met our friend, Chizuko
who is returning to Vietnam to work. 

We three went to HANBEY in This City. 
Hanbey is an izakaya chain in Japan. 
Chikako san and I prefer Hanbey in That City more
however it was fine. 

A happy time was had by all. 

Tuesday 23rd

23rd September, 2014

It is a public holiday in Japan because of the Equinox. 

I spent the day gardening..... good stress relief. 

Sunday 6th

the 21st of September 
is our actually anniversary date. 

We went on a picnic to HandaNuma, near Date-Gun. 

Picnicking in style, lakeside. 

Grapefruit - yum. 

Tombo - Dragonflies. 
Many of them came by to see us ! 

 There were six dragonflies sitting on the fence, can you see them ? 

 A cool cloud drifted lazily by, mirroring our feelings ! 

Already the leaves have a tinge of gold ! 

What a relaxing day it was. 

Anniversary Eve

Saturday Evening
20th September, 2014 
the our Anniversary Eve..... 

Chikako san presented me with some wonderful gifts, 
including a photo album of memories, a card, etc. 

Plus a pineapple because I love to eat pineapple. 

 This plant was part of my gift - it is a Cranberry  Bush. 

 I presented her with six long-stemmed red roses, one for each year. 

A toast to us and a snack. 

Then we went out for dinner to Restaurant BUU 

And then moved to Restaurant Bohemian. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Ping Pong Dash


16th September, 2014

New Intercom and Door Bell. 

From this old, broken system
 to this new state-of-the-art system. 

Ping Pong Dash just became 
whole lot more difficult
with an in-built camera 
in our new doorbell ! 

Efficiently installed by the technicians. 

Thanks !