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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Happy Birthday, Dec.

Happy Birthday 

to my younger son, 

D E C L A N . 

1 8 

He was born in Brisbane, Australia 
on Tuesday, 30th April, 1996. 
And now lives in England. 

A handsome young man. 

This photo was taken in August, 2013 in Brisbane, Australia.


We decided to have a small celebratory dinner for Dec in Japan,
albeit in absentia.

Strawberries and we bought a bottle of New Zealand wine.

Many Happy Returns of the Day, Dec . 




29th April, 2014 


WooHoo .............. it's a public holiday in Japan today. 
I scored Sunday / Monday / Tuesday; a rare trifecta. 

I cleaned the balcony then we went out in DemiChan. 

Totally by chance we ended up driving here, for the very first time. 

What a great find ! 

Welcome to HandaNuma. 

The Sakura trees were in full perfect blossom - different types of Sakura, 
Magnolia, Dogwood and flowers everywhere. 

We went along a pathway to an ancient disused silver mine
dating back to maybe the 16th Century. 

The doorway was locked but the mine itself still existed. 


On the way back to our apartment I saw a beautiful tree, quite old, 
in a farmer's yard so I stopped the car and Chikako took this picture
from out of her window. 

Sunday Lunch

Sunday Lunch 
27th April, 2014. 


It was such a nice day that we decided to go out for lunch. 
We went to a place that we hadn't been to in yonks. 

It was great the first time that we went, 
it was even better this time around. 

Parking DemiChan before going inside. 

120 grams of delicious steak cooked to perfection
and served on a sizzle plate. 


After luncheon we drove to SkyPark for a little adventure. 

Above and Below are not my photos but two photos from the internet. 
They show Skypark layout and the view from a cockpit coming into land there. 

Below is my photo again. 

The Sakura trees were still blossoming and very beautiful
however there was also a stark reminder of the nuclear clean-up
in the guise of numerous black sealed bags. 

There were three identical twin-seater, single-engine planes on the tarmac. 

Lunch was great, Skypark is always enjoyable. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Koji Camera

K O J I 

This is the new type of camera we were talking about today. 



Sunday, April 20, 2014



To a very wonderful friend who died
long ago,
                                 far away. 


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 

22nd April, 1997
San Francisco, California, America 


P.S.  Thank you for asking June to name me after you. I would not have been comfortable having my middle name as Stuart .........  my having David as a middle name is much more cool, methinks.

Easter, 2014

E  A  S  T  E  R      2  0  1  4 

Good Friday 18th April. 
Easter Monday 21st April. 

Happy Birthday, Jennifer Suzanne.

Happy 70th Birthday
to my oldest surviving cousin
on my late Father's side
of the Family. 

Taken when she was about 6 years old on the back steps
of McCook Street, Red Hill, Brisbane, Australia. 

August, 2013 Currumbin Sands Resort, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. 
Jennifer is 69 years old here, white dress, second from left, sunglasses on her head. 

Jennifer is currently training for a full-marathon. 
Who says being old means sitting on a couch all day
and night watching tv ?

Ganbatte, Jennifer ! 

Monday, April 14, 2014




Old video clips. 


Full Moon 

Apparently there is a lunar eclipse soon. 
Possibly tomorrow night. 
Anyway, regardless of when the exact timing occurs, 
I took some photos looking to the East. 

Sunday, 13th April, 2014.

Sunday 13th April, 2014. 

It was truly an early Spring Day - just magical weather. 
We went out for Ohanami together. 

Outside our mansion are some Magnolia trees. 

Beside the Abukuma River.

Treking away from the river to the Government Offices. 

Ohanami viewing is very popular in Japan; long lines of Japanese 
people armed with cameras and guide maps make the annual pilgrimage. 

I have picked up a few of the local customs .... 

It is definitely some line !  

 Chikako-san standing in from of my favourite Sakura tree. 
It is Takizakura, not so old really,  but I do feel an affinity with this tree. 
Why ? ....... maybe because of 3/11. 

I walk past it everyday and always say Hello ! 

Some yellow tulips adding a blast of colour to Spring. 

What is Ohanami without eating dango, I ask you ? 
We dropped by a dango shop we like and got some delicious treats to eat. 

 Mt. Adatara still has some snow. 

Pansies with their smiling faces brightening the place up. 

The swallows are building a nest under the eaves. 

 Ma and Pa Crane already have a chick to rear. 
Fast work. 

A cool Japanese garden we happened upon. 

Here is the Azuma Snow Bunny ! 
Thanks for the information Koji-san ......... 


We walked and walked and walked 
and then walked to REGALO Italian Restaurant. 
Our first dining experience there. 

We enjoyed this wonderful Sunday together.