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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mr. Suzuki

Mr. Suzuki  


May 14 / 15 

Memorial Day for my late Father. 

Chikako thoughtfully prepared some treats that my Father 
would have enjoyed eating had he still been with us. 

Kenpei ! 


Sunday Night 
10th May, 2015

Chikako and I  met Mr. Suzuki for a small farewell dinner. 
He will move this coming Friday to Vietnam. 

 What to order ? 
Decisions, decisions ... always decisions to make. 


There was a lot of food ordered. 

 Hmmm..... next came the Farewell Toasts. 
Mr. Suzuki ordered Osake served in traditional Japanese style. 

Oh, too much Osake for me ! 
I don't usually drink such strong alcohol. 
It was delicious though. 

Enjoy your Australian red wine. 

Quite a night. 
A good time was had by all. 
Enjoy Vietnam, I will miss your company. 


10th May, 2015. 

My parents' wedding anniversary. 


We went out for luncheon at a new-to-us ramen shop. 

 New taste for me, it was delicious. 

After that we went walking looking for a new small-sized suitcase to buy. 
We found one at D2 however in the quest we went to Aeon Town
and stopped for refreshments in the Food Court. 

 Chikako chose tapioca ( sago  ) to drink. 

And coffee for me ? 
Oh, thanks ...... just the pick-me-up that I needed. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May 6th


6th May, 2015 

The Last Day of the Golden Week Break. 

Changing from Winter Clothes to Spring Clothes. 
Cleaning the apartment. 

After doing the chores, we drove to Iizaka and went to a Cafe there. 
I felt so lazy ! 

May 5th


5th May, 2015 

It's an Inawashiro Day. 
Weather was perfect, too. 

Yay ! 

Lunch Time . 

 Chikako chose to eat Basashi. 
I chose not to eat it. 

My choice was indeed delicious. 

 Demi Chan waiting patiently in the car park. 

 Mt. Bandai sitting majestically ....... 

We rented two bikes for an hour and went along the bike path
alongside Lake Inawashiro. 
It was so much fun. 

 Bandai san looking enigmatic. 

 Then the obligatory shopping / window shopping. 

It was hot enough to eat ice cream. 

 I always enjoy the wonderful taste of vanilla. 

 The trek home. 

Perfect weather for Golden Week. 
One more day to go, yet.