owling9 michinoku 2017

Sunday, January 21, 2018


20th January, 2018

We went to USUI Department Store
and had a light lunch @ Afternoon Tea. 

Then we walked to Chikako's dentist's office for her appointment. 
Enroute we passed the graves of her Mother's Family. 

Walking back to the small rental apartment
we saw a bonsai outside a barber's shop, on the kerbside. 

It is interesting that the weather has been relatively fine
and the temperature today was about 10c.  Not so cold. 

I took these photos to show Stavros as he is now a bonsai-owner. 

During our earlier visit to USUI
we went to Morning in the basement
to purchase  a birthday cake for tonight's dinner
with Chikako's parents in their house. 

Oh, they have new owl noren hanging at the entrance to the kitchen. 
Very swish ! 

 Nabe for the birthday dinner. 
And some squid for me ..... yum yum. 

Toyoo's birthday .... January 16th. 
It was nice to share this event with him, albeit slightly late.