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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday, 11 November, 2012. 

Armistice Day - RIP Fallen Aussie Diggers.

Also, it was the second anniversary of our moving in 
to our very own apartment here.
The years I have been with Chikako have flown away so quickly - 
where have they gone ??? 

Preparing "stuff" for Christmas Boxes to the UK and Oz. 

 My favourite quotation.... 

Sunday morning, there was a marathon run. 
These are very popular in Japan. 

Above: There is a small walled garden near our apartment, which is 
very beautiful. However, it would seem that the owner / grower has lost
his patience with the thieving birds who flock to his persimmon tree. 
They seem to have gotten `the boot`, so to speak...... 

Below: Just some cameo shots of a soba shop we really like. 

 Below: We visited a friend`s amateur botanical art display.
She submitted 3 works; this particular one was very well done. 
We enjoyed going !

We wandered into a noodle bar on the West Side of the Station
for lunch.  Family run, food was truly great, and service wonderful. 
Definitely on our Return List. 

Later, we enjoyed coffee and Chikako san ate a cake. 
What a great day we shared. 

Monday, November 5, 2012