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Monday, August 27, 2018

Tuesday 28

28th August, 2018

Oscar Cainer's prediction for Cancerians for today:

Once in a while, it seems that a situation has to push us to the limit, before it will improve.I'm saying this, because even though energetic Mars turns direct, bringing energy and action into your world, it may seem as if things are getting worse. It feels as if there's only one way to move ahead - and it's not the way you wanted to go. Yet, if you look carefully at what lies behind the process, you'll see that the improvement has started. You can let go of your worrying. This is the best way to move ahead. 


QF61 from Brisbane to Tokyo. 

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Lawson Street

Dec -  some photos from Lawson Street 

Town house has 3 levels

Walk in door, left is double garage

Below:   This is top level bathroom

This might be your bedroom should you decide to return to Oz. 

Top floor looking down stairs to middle floor. 
There's a guest WC there. 

Middle / Main level.  Kitchen with laundry room off it. 

Looking from kitchen down living area through to outside

Space for double fridge with plumbed - in water for ice. 

Stove and branding


Side of town house 

This is double garage.  Sliding door opens to "under stairs" storage. 

Door on the left of photo opens to "rear" space with hot water etc. 

Rear of garage ... perfect for my mini-study. 

So Dec .... your thoughts are ? 


Friday, August 17, 2018


18th August, 2018

Oscar Cainer offers up some sage advice 
for the upcoming week for my Cancerian horoscope:

Your Week Ahead: That's enough time spent imagining gloomy scenarios! This week, unnerving thoughts can be banished. It's time to think about all that you have that's positive in your life and all that you have that you can be grateful for. Like your intuition, your talents, your aptitudes and your creativity: which can be celebrated. Mercury's change of direction will enable you to see that you have what you need in order to be comfortable and happy. A sense of security comes from a growing faith that the choices you've made recently were right.

Only time itself will tell as to whether or not this is accurate, 
however I am optimistic ....