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Tuesday, September 29, 2015



29th September, 2015

My Starz. 

June 23 - July 23 
by Jonathan Cainer 

Even when (or if) you are ever wrong, it is usually only because you have been right - but right for the wrong reasons !  Cancerians don`t tend to make the same sort of mistakes as the rest of us. Your high ideals, your noble aspirations, your impressive levels of loyalty and dedication are very rarely misplaced. Yet it now seems as if you must think again about an affiliation that you made or a commitment that you gave some while ago. Not everything associated with this needs to alter but it may be time to change one idea. 

Ain`t this the truth ?? ........ I need to do this, exactly I do. 
How to do it ?  Therein lies my dilemma. 
BT needs to go. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Higher Watchcombe

28th September, 2015

All this evening, for whatever reason, I was thinking about 
Higher Watchcombe Farm,  in Devon, U.K. 
I couldn`t get it out of my mind so I checked on the internet. 

Et Voila ! 
For Sale. 


P R E S E N T 

I received a present from Chikako San. 

From Yodabashi Camera in That City. 

Thank You ! 


27th September, 2015

The evening before the Blood Moon. 
The penultimate evening, if you will 

Rising from the East. 

Some of my plants on one of the balconies. 

Later in the evening; about 8 pm. 

Here`s looking at you, Brent !   LOL 

Below:  Monday, 28th September, 2015
What a magical early Autumnal day ! 

A somewhat strange whirlybird paid a visit, 
hovering, twisting & turning. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015



25th September, 2015

I had to go to a meeting in That City so I caught the local train. 
It is a journey which I always delight in because of the changing seasons 
and landscape. 
This day, albeit late Summer, it was rainy, overcast and chilly. 

Not sun-drenched rice but rain-drenched rice awaiting harvest. 
But it can`t be cut in this rain, that`s for sure. 

The office located in That City is directly opposite my favourite bar. 
Haven`t been there in yonks however it is probably high time that I did so again. 

View from the office window towards the station ( left side ). 



24th September, 2015


I had to go to Fukudai today to conduct 10 interviews. 
It was a lot of work however I did enjoy a lot. 
More interesting than my usual routine. 

The Autumnal hues are just starting.......... 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015



23rd September, 2015

Relaxing day in the apartment. 

We went out to our favourite noodle bar for lunch. 

Then we went to the Shell Servo in This City
for a car wash and Super Wax. 
Demi Chan's first time in the washing machine... 


22nd September, 2015

Drive back from Akita City to This City. 

We  stopped at Tsuruoka, in the station car park. 
It is a very quiet place, not much happening at all. 

Famous food in Tsuruoka. 

Ah, this guy was difficult to photograph. 
A paraglider breezing about in the sky ........ looks like fun. 

Ping Pong !   I got the shot.