owling9 michinoku 2017

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


My former student, Keina Chan
came to visit me. 
She now attends university in Yokohama
and she kindly bought then brought me a gift. 


Wednesday, July 22, 2015


24th July, 2015 


I received an emergency telephone call at work. 
Water was coming from my apartment to the apartment below. 

Terrible !! 



21st July, 2015 

A new staff member arrived today. 
He hails from Seattle, Washington State. 
He very kindly brought a souvenir from Seattle. 

I shall enjoy ! 

Thank you and welcome to our office. 


Monday, July 20, 2015


20th July, 2015

We went to Denny's for a very late lunch / early dinner type meal. 
Lunch itself was okay, however we did also enjoy dessert there. 

I enjoyed a calorific peach parfait style of dessert. 

Chikako san enjoyed a more traditional type of Japanese dessert. 

Demi Chan patiently waiting in the carpark. 


Sunday Afternoon

19th July, 2015

We slowly drove from This City to That City
stopping in @ Komeri along the way. 

A little Japanese sweet treat to begin the journey ! 
Soooooooo delicious. 

Then a quick stop-in @ Komeri @ Adachi
to get some gardening supplies for my balcony garden. 
This is definitely my favourite shop ! 

Then we attended a small belated birthday dinner
for Yukie @ an Indian Restaurant. 

We have been there many times before, and this time was equally good. 

Alcohol-free beer. 

Will you bring us Good Luck ??


Sizzle plate spicy chicken. 

We got three different types of curry to enjoy...... 

Happy Birthday, Yukie ! 


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Monday, 13th

Monday Lunchtime
13th July, 2015. 

Chikako san and I went to our favourite noodle bar
for lunch. 
It is Summertime now and it is very hot here, 
however I still enjoyed eating hot noodles. 
Chikako san chose to eat cold noodles. 

Both were delicious. 

Chikako san's luncheon. 

Alcohol-free beer. 

Me set course. 

As we are regular customers, we received SERVICE, or free dumplings. 
Compliments of the wonderful chef. 

Always a great place for lunch, we think. 


Tea Party

Afternoon Tea Party 

I attended an Afternoon Tea Party at Fukudai
on Friday, 10th July, 2015. 

Many students attended ! 

Hello, Ayaka San ! 
We made a promotional video together about one year ago. 

Some of the party games ......... "Who am I ? " 
It went over very well. 

Two German ladies also attended. 
DANYA in the foreground and Haike in the black to the extreme right. 
Very articulate and interesting ladies. 

July 7

T  A  N  A  B  A  T  A 

7th July, 2015 


Here are some photos of the Wishing Tree 
we created for Tanabata at work. 

It is always a fun thing to do. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015



Walking Group

 5 July, 2015 

We joined our Walking Group for Walk #4 this year. 
Even though today is my birthday, I particularly wanted 
to join the Walking Group. 

Check in time. 

It began to warm up a tad, plus the humidity rose. 
All-in-all though the weather for July wasn't overly hot. 

Free rice ball to re-energize ! 

The toddler girl gave me the cutest smile as she passed by ........ 
Enjoy your day, Princess. 

Up, up and away we go. 

At the summit ...... 

Amazing colours. 


What a beautiful garden ! 
Just to wander through it was calming....... 

 Looking upwards as we traveled downwards. 

 As we walked back to the train station I saw this hibiscus
in somebody's garden.  Wow ! 


After we returned to This City on the local train
Chikako san took me to a local cafe for an early dinner. 

Yum yum .... 

With a delicious dessert  a la Birthday Cake ! 
Japanese sweets taste soooooooo good. 

What a wonderful day together.