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Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Wednesday Evening
30th May, 2018

We ate vegetarian cuisine for dinner. 
It was very delicious indeed .... 

Corn Fritters - so yummy ! 

Chilli tofu and cut potatoes with herbs. 

Baked parsnips and baked beetroot. 

And in the circular bowl in the bottom left of the photo is eggplant ( Nasu )\
which had been cooked and then put in vinegar, soy, sugar, etc. 

Sa  shi su se so 


Monday, May 28, 2018

Full Moon

Tuesday, 29th May, 2018

Tonight is a Full Moon. 

My Starz today courtesy of Oscar Cainer:

When you're trapped in a situation it's reassuring to remember that nothing lasts forever. Sometimes it just feels as if it does. We can feel confined by the very familiarity of our lives, which keeps us walking on the same old path when we could be exploring new horizons. Even though you can see the advantages of a routine, you're feeling worn out by its repetitiveness. As the full moon arrives, you can take a risk. An adventure can be yours if you have the courage to take it. 



Saturday, May 19, 2018


19th Mary, 2018

Sam drove us to Bribie Island 
this lunchtime to spend the afternoon on the beach. 

Wonderful weather ! 

Above:  Looking out of the apartment at the cloud formations this morning. 
Below:  Lying on Woorim Beach, Bribie Island looking out towards Moreton Island. 

Above: Gyrocopter flying over Woorim Beach. 
Below: Sam driving the Impreza back of the Bribie bridge this afternoon. 

Strawberry fields halfway between Bribie and Caboolture. 

 Just about back to R. Road and trying to take a photo of jets 
flying into Brisbane Airport. 

Skyline of Brisbane this evening about 5.10 pm. 
Driving along Lytton Road. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


15th May, 2018. 

  1. I left Australia for Hong Kong on Saturday, 15th May, 2004. 
  2. I left Narita, Tokyo for the Gold Coast, Australia on the evening of 15th May, 2016. 
  3. My late Father died on this day in 2007. 
  4. Job interview S.C.W. this morning ... 

Tonight's Memorial Dinner
Treacle Pork and roasted Vegetables
followed by
Vanilla Ice Cream and Passionfruit. 

PreDinner Nibbles consisted of 
Salami and Cheese. 

We lit a vanilla candle in Norm's Memory. 


Sam very thoughtfully presented Chikako
with some flowers and a lovely card 
for Mother's Day on Sunday, 13th May. 

Saturday, May 12, 2018


11th May, 2018

We went to Bribie Island for the day. 
Chikako's first ever visit and I had not been there since 2003. 
Much has changed ..... 

 We had a light lunch @ Woorim Beach on a beautiful Autumnal day. 
An Ibis came to visit. 

Then we took a walk along the beach and foreshore. 

After that we visited the Mater Hospital Prize Home
located in Banksia Beach on Dux Creek. 
Lovely house, indeed. 

Saturday Evening, 12th May, 2018. 
We 3 went to Sandie's town house for dinner.
Chef Beth prepared a delicious feast. 

Stew with dumplings..... yum, yum. 

Sunday, 13th May, 2018. 
Sam presented Chikako with flowers and a card
for Mother's Day. Very thoughtful. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2018



We bought some chopped Salmon at the Fish Markets
and Chikako made it into a Salmon Bake. 

A taste sensation .... 

Monday, May 7, 2018



Monday, 7th May, 2018
We went to Coominya to get my two wire garden stands. 

Oscar Cainer wrote today's Starz
for Cancerians:

Sometimes it feels as if several important strands of your life are out of control. It depends though, on how you interpret recent events. Although there have been some close shaves, deep within you've retained a quiet feeling of confidence. The question is whether you feel able to trust it? And if you trust it can you nurture it? The answer depends on where you're placing your faith. If you hold onto the idea that all will be well, you have every right to expect that it will be.

A thousand percent accurate ! 

Tuesday, 08th May, 2018. 
It was a rainy, overcast day. 

Salmon pieces in an oven-bake. 
Very very good !