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Monday, March 26, 2012

G.C. #10

Saturday, 24th March, 2012.
H.B. to Brisbane to G.C.

Random driving shots of Brisbane. 

Captain Cook Bridge on the South East Freeway.

G.C. - warehouse.
My stuff.


G.C. #9

Thursday,  22nd and Friday, 23rd March, 2012.


June, doing the best she can, and Stavros peeling prawns.

Above:  Looking out and over to the Pacific Ocean.... how amazing.

Above: Alicia and Christopher preparing dinner.
Below: BBQing lamb chops ... yum, yum.

 Above: Saturday morning, 24th March, 2012 - a million calorie morning tea.
Below: Stav & Alicia in the kitchen.

G.C. #8

Above: June meeting Maggie the Speagle.
Below: Me `n Jack .... wow, I haven`t seen him for such a long time !
Maybe 15 years ?

Above:  Alicia served up a delicious Thai treat :)
Below: Jack and Christopher

Above:  Chloe
Below: Jack made us a wonderful butterscoth pudding..... onya, Jack !

G.C. #7

Wednesday Evening, 21st March, 2012.
Second night with Geoff `n Andie.

Geoffrey embraces Nespresso Coffee ...
I had never seen it before, it`s way cool.

Have to leave in the morning.
Happy and also very sad at the same time.

G.C. #6

Tuesday Evening, 20th March, 2012

I went to stay with my wonderful friends,
Geoffrey~san and his wife, Andrea~san.
They are Sam`s Godparents.
Plus Andrea used to live in Japan, maybe for 3 years.
She came to visit Chikako & me in Koriyama in 2008.

 Above: Hino Maru is flying - I sent Geoffrey~san this as a present years ago.
What a wonderful surprise.
Below: Andrea~san scored Bonsai secateurs from Chikako~san.

They took me out for dinner.
Toooooooooo much food ....... do I have a Japanese stomach now ?

Their sporty Mazdas. 

G.C. #5

Tuesday, 20th March, 2012.
Brisbane City.

 Above: I took June to a favourite seafood cafe ~ she enjoyed Barramundi.
Below: I miss Breaka Vanilla Malted Milk so much

Afternoon tea ~ we went for coffee at The Coffee Club, The Gap.

I wish that she could see me again;
I wish that wish everyday.


G.C. #4

Monday Evening, 19th March, 2012
I went to see my dear friend, Sandra~san.
Long time, no see ! 

 Above: Younger daughter, Beth~san was there, too
Below: Sandra~san ordered some delicious pizzas.
Looks like I am back to eating gaijin food ....

A small farewell gift which I left as I exited.
They had already gone to work before I went.

G.C. #3

 Early Monday Morning
19th March, 2012

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Jetstar flew me to the Gold Coast, Queensland.
I grew up there, have been there 10,000 times before
but I had never, ever flown into Tugun Airport before.
Had never flown Jetstar before either .....

Above: Flying parallel with maybe Surfers Paradise, heading southwards.

Below: Phillip`s house, hadn`t been there in 20 years or more.

 Wow !  My old surf ski is still at his house .... unbelievable.
Fab colour :)  

Why would you want to watch a video clip of a plane flying
along the coastline and then landing ?
Bore yourself silly ....

G.C. #2

Sunday Evening, 18th March, 2012.
We caught the local train from Ueno to Narita.

Jetstar ~ Narita to Gold Coast ( Tugun )
I ain`t looking forward to flying Jetstar, I really ain`t.
Not my choice whatsoever.

 Nonetheless, we enjoyed a Set Menu together @ Narita before I flew out.

 Rainy, chilly night ....plane looks nice.

Above:  One empty seat :(
Below: Rainy night in Narita