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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween - Work

Saturday, 26th October, 2013

We had a Halloween Party at work. 

Shinigami - The Grim Reaper.
My costume !

The office was decorated for Halloween.
I am still not used to this festival - very American.

Josephine Sensei was Majo - witch.
Complete with her magic broom.

Tomoko-san dressed as the Cookier Monster.
Both Tomoko and Josephine looked wonderful.

Our second Halloween party was for adults, not kids.

The party was fun, however I was so tired because
This City had a big quake at 2.10 am this morning
and I didn`t go back to sleep after that.
I dislike earthquakes so much.
More and more........


28th October, 2013

We went for a drive just outside of This City. 

We went to a charcoal shop
and some other shops, too. 

Interesting afternoon. 

Oct #1


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wednesday, 16th October

16th October, 2013

Happy 21st Birthday to my elder son, Sam. 

Born 16.10.93
North West Hospital
Brisbane, Australia. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday, 14th October, 2013

14th October, 2013

A public holiday in Japan so we are both off together. 
It is a beautiful, early Autumnal day here so we 
decided to drive to a local dam for a picnic lunch. 

Like a traditional Japanese house, interesting roofline. 

Mountains in Japan are so different to mountains in Australia. 
The mountains here have never ceased to hold my fascination. 

We drove to a dam near Izaka; our first visit there. 

Spectacular scenery, although I think that it would get very cold
and snowy in the Winter. 

We had a picnic there, lazy feeling :)

The Information Office. 

Picture in the Information Office illustrating the damage
to the roads in the area after the big earthquake, 3/11. 

The dam wall. 

This old photograph really caught my attention; local children
with their schoolteacher ( rear left ). 

Steep steep drop d

Cute couple ! 

Some Japanese people doing exercises on the dam wall. 
Shadows - me with the cap/ camera, Chikako on the right. 


Most interesting - bent under enormous pressure
from 3/11. The tubing was held either end in 
very solid bollards. The tubing was forced downwards by the pressure
and buckled as seen. 

Surrounding farms / farmland. Very beautiful. 

Chikako wanted to visit the local dog breeder there
for an inspection. 

A very charming lady - she brought out her Golden Retriever
puppies, here are two boys about 7 weeks old. 

Hey, Guys ! 

A little girl ...... 

And here is Michelle, the mother. 

Difficult to say farewell to them ....... 

There is a monkey in the apple tree. 

There is a monkey in the field eating vegetables. 

There is no monkey in the tree ! Just a photo of apples. 

Igetajinba Mansion.