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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Mr. Crow

9.45 am
25 June, 2016

Good Morning, Mr. Crow
Thank you for being my friend ..... 
Where others have left, you have always stayed. 

Below -  last night's dinner at a noodle bar near AEON TOWN, This City. 

Strong, strong ginger taste - I really enjoyed. 

General Stuff

Some random stuff this month. 

Bye Bye Orange Bike -  I got you off Brad Sensei in That City long ago. 
Thank you for your excellent service. 

We decided to do a 21 kms bike ride so that Chikako san could 
use her new birthday bike. I got a free bike from Momorin. 
We rode out near Date City and then had lunch in a noodle shop. 
It was a VERY hot day but the food was great. 

 Free gyoza next time. 

Power On !! 

4 Seasons Park

On Saturday
20th June, 2015

We went for a walk in Four Seasons Park. 
We saw some unusual flowers; unique, really. 

 There is also a new waterwheel generating electricity. 
Cool ! 


I made dinner. 
I often make dinner. 
I like making dinner. 


Hello Koji ! 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


June Mary ...... 

June 19th, 1930 
85  years old. 

Happy Birthday, Ma. 

As a child in Parramatta. 

Maybe before marriage ..... 
With her true love, her only love. 

On the Gold Coast, Queensland. 

Chikako san and I drank a toast
to June's 85th birthday. 
A delicious bottle of CHANDON. 

 Chikako san bought June some flowers, although June is neither here
nor can she see flowers any longer. 
A sweet sentiment. 

The obligatory cake - high calories. 

 Simple fare. 
Yet so wonderful. 

 Happy Birthday, Ma. 
We will visit you very soon ....... 




Sunday Morning 

14th June, 2015 

L U N C H   @   S U L L I V A N 

One of our fav eating spots in This City. 
Always a comfortable space for us to enjoy together.