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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Von Bibra Southport

Von Bibra 
Gold Coast 

Little spelling error there.......should be a double L in Phillip


30th November, 2014

We drove to That City for a birthday luncheon. 


Saturday Evening 
albeit work
we went to Round 1 in This City 
for 10 pin bowling. 

Taka bowling a Strike. 

Tetsu bowling a Strike. 
Taka san. 

Tetsu and Taka. 

It has been so many years since I went bowling. 
It was fun although my body felt strained the next day. 

Friday, November 28, 2014

Gregory and Allan

A bit of out chronological order, but no matter.......... 

26th November, 2014 

Happy Birthday 
to identical twin brothers

Gregory and Allan
who were born 
in Brisbane. 

My brother and I have known them all of our lives. 

Thursday, November 27, 2014


28th November, 2014 

One of my students presented everybody with 
LOOK chocolate. 

Brisbane Hail


27th November, 2014 

My hometown, Brisbane City was hit by a supercell storm
which pounded it with hail and torrential rain. 

There was huge damage. 

Too sad...... 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

nov 3

Friday Afternoon
21st November, 2014. 

I was teaching @ Coop in Fukudai this afternoon
when I saw this beautiful sunset, albeit at 4.10 pm. 
I managed to get some quick shots in before the sun sank behind
the mountains. There was a wintery feel, that`s for sure. 

It was also my last teaching day there for 2014, too
so I felt kinda sad, `cause I enjoy going so much. 
Small consolation is that there is a Coop Afternoon Tea
on Friday, 12th December which I will attend. 


Thursday Night
20th November, 2014 

Chikako came back late from working in That City
and I was still working in This City, 
and it was sooooooo cold and rainy, 
that we decided to eat ramen for dinner instead of cooking it ourselves. 

Above is mine. 
Below is hers. 


I managed to capture this rainbow on my Blackberry whilst looking out of
the window at work. It was so magnificent however it only lasted for a few minutes. 
I hope that it brings Chikako & me Good Luck soon.  :)