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Tuesday, November 26, 2013



My good friend, Shiga-san recommended that I try tataki. 
I do not remember ever eating it before so Chikako-san
bought some and we enjoyed together. 

A good recommendation, Dr. Shiga ! 

DemiChan`s Epic Journey

 Saturday, 23rd November, 2013
It was a public holiday in Japan and so I managed to score
a rare 3 day weekend off.

We decided to visit Chikako`s rels in Gunma-ken. 
My first ever visit there. 
Then to stay that night in Utsunomiya
and onto Nasu on Sunday morning. 

Chikako-san at the wheel enroute to Gunma.
What a beautiful Autumnal day....

That person obviously has good taste !

DemiChan in Gunma !
Me, too - my first trip.

We enjoyed looking through Chikako`s aunt `n uncle`s garden.
It is so wonderful.

Hime ringo  - unique taste.

Luncheon .... Japanese food served in a tatami room.

Shisa !
After Gunma we motored to Utsunomiya to stay the night
at the Richmond Hotel.
Again, my first time in Utsunomiya: seems like a nice place.

We decided to have dinner in the izakaya in the lobby.

DemiChan waiting patiently in the parking lot for us.
We drove from Utsunomiya to Nasu.
Again, it was a beautiful Autumnal day.
Below: shot from a shop in Nasu - very busy there.

These two photos were taken by Chikako san from Demichan
as I drove across this suspension-style bridge. 
You can see the mountains around / near Nasu. 
The wind was just so strong as it swept down from the mountains, 
across the flat land and over the bridge. 
Amazing bridge, amazing view and amazing wind. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

November 16


Cooking Class.

Cooking Class

Friday, 15th November, 2013.

Cake - Josephine Sensei. 

The students were in the kitchen at the Gas Company.
Below is a small tatami room there.

Not usual-sized tatami, much smaller.
I was surprised.

Looking outside towards Nakago.

One of the two cakes is coming out of the oven.
Luckily it wasn`t a bun !  :)

High calories.
American-sized pieces ....

And I walked back to the office to get back to work.
Cooking class was over.
Thank you, Josephine Sensei and Tomoko San.