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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Photos Yukie

Photos taken by Yukie San .... 



gold coast

gold coast

Tuesday - Dec and I caught the bus to Surfers for lunch at Hard Rock Cafe.

Wednesday - I rented a black Toyota Corolla from Avis for two days. We drove to Hervey Bay
and stayed with Stavros / Alicia.

Thursday - we drove back to Brisbane. Visited Regis and said Goodbye. Went for dinner with Andrea and Geoffrey. Then I drove Dec to Bne International Airport for Etihad night flight to Abu Dhabi to Manchester.
Then I drove back to Currumbin Sands.

Friday -  felt sooooo tired. Slept a lot. Kind of packed a little in the apartment.
Beautiful weather.

Saturday - Finished packing stuff for warehouse, stuff for Phillip:s to be prepared for warehouse.
He came over about 3 pm and we went to the warehouse, then Sequoia, then I walked back to apt.
Kind of slept but I had no alarm clock.

Sunday - woke up way too early. Caught bus to Coolangatta Airport. Waited a lot. Flew back to Japan.
So humid in Narita.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday 25th

Monday 25th July

Beautiful day.
Didn't leave apartment, was tired / sleepy.  Started sorting out the suitcases .
Booked Avis car for wed / thurs.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sunday 25th July

Chikako et.al., flew back to Japan today.

Car went back to Avis. Steve drove me back from the airport.
We went for morning brunch at Elephant Rock Cafe -  walked there and back.

Then we talked until 3 pm.

Saturday 25th

Saturday, 25th

Chikako and I went over to see Phillip for morning coffee.
Chikako also said Good Bye to PRW.

Sandie and Steve came with Beth and Mitch.
We ate prawns for lunch.
Went for a walk along Palm Beach

Had dinner with Japanese contingent in the apt.

Friday 22nd

Friday 22nd

Japanese took a taxi whale watching.

We took car to Coolangatta, went to Hogs Breath Cafe for lunch. So good.
Went to Hide's exhibition.

Drove to Cabarita Beach ..... long time, no see.


Thursday 21st.

Sam left today.  Drove to Robina and train to Bne Airport.
We went to Currumbin Sanctuary - caught bus. Walked back.

Apt had 300 litres of water !  Shock.
Moved to apt #98.

What a stressful event.

Tracking Sam's flight. 
Brisbane to Melbourne. 
Melbourne to Abu Dhabi. 
Abu Dhabi to London Heathrow. 

We went for a walk along Palm Beach. 
We waved "Good Morning" to Emi San and Yukie San in Apt # 72. 

We had a Farewell Brunch for Sam at Genki Cafe, Palm Beach. 
Above is my jug of orange juice which has been frothed up. 
Seriously delish. 

Dec's havin'  a cuppa. 

Sam's having a jug of vanilla something or another .... 

Yum yum ! 

Dec ordered a high-calorie desert; pancakes, strawberries, maple syrup
with a dollop of ice cream on the top. 

  Chikako San ordered a healthy, delicious tomato and avocado salad. 

We drove to Robina Station so that Sam could catch a direct train
straight into the domestic terminal at Brisbane Airport. 
And from there, catch a flight to Melbourne. 

Oh, how quickly your vacation in Oz has gone ! 
It is always a sad time when we have to part our individual ways.... 

After Sam's departure, we all caught the Surfside Bus to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. 
It was a fine afternoon. The Japanese visitors thoroughly enjoyed the unique experience. 

I photographed Dec taking a photograph ... 

Momo Chan is preparing to have her photo taken with a koala.

The Ranger is helping her. 

Hello Mr. Croc.... what fine teeth you have !  LOL 

Momo Chan was greatly intrigued by the python. 

I sat down for a late cup of coffee. 
Take 5. 

The staghorns looked really good ! 

We walked back to Currumbin Sands along the foreshore. 
I spotted some flowers along the way. 

Currumbin Creek looks very wonderful. 

Tropping back across the bridge at sunset. 

Oh, but what awaits us ?? 
The water pipe burst and more than 300 litres of water flooded #63. 
Fortunately, amazingly, nothing belonging to us was wet .... 
However the carpet was seriously water-damaged. 
Staff were great and quickly arranged another apartment for us. 

We moved to apartment #98. 
You can see #63 just above my left index finger. 

Apartment #98 was splendid with a wonderful view and a different layout. 
Apart from the drama of moving our stuff across, we enjoyed the difference.