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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday, 29th

29th September, 2013

We decided to go out for a picnic
at Four Season Park. 

We packed our new picnic set, plus other stuff. 

So much stuff to take that we loaded it all onto a trolley.

Beautiful early Autumnal day in the park - the trolley also served as a base
for the picnic set. Too convenient.

How thoughtful, a can of my favourite beer, too
Also means that I can`t drive back either.
Double bonus for me !

We just spent most of the daylight hours lolling about, reading and enjoying.

Chikako discovered that we had made a new little friend who really did
attach himself to the bag.  Difficult to get off, but finally I did and put him back onto
a bush to enjoy nature.

Chikako drove to another park and we went for a walk
to enjoy the changing leaves.
So different to Australia.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday Night

Saturday Night
28th September, 2013

End of a trying week....we  decided to go out for dinner together. 
We returned to a small place near our apartment. 
Food is great, staff are very friendly. 

This green vegetable was from Okinawa.
Not gyoya, something else but very delicious.
First time that either of us had eaten it.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday, 23 September, 2013


23rd September, 2013

It is a public holiday in Japan today. 
For the equinox. 

Weather was definitely Autumnal; cloudy, chilly and some of the 
leaves were already starting to change colour. 

There was a airshow at F.City Skypark
so we decided to go. 

This is a motorized glider - sounds to me like an oxymoron, but
apparently that is what it is called.

Chikako bought me a present - a very cool cap.
Thank you !

Luncheon - tasted okay.

Sunday, 22nd September, 2013

22nd September, 2013

We drove down to Sukagawa to have lunch with 
Chikako`s parents and aunt and uncle from Gunma. 

Lunch was really nice - very Japanese style. 
Chikako and I took some raw fish as our contribution. 

Justy the dog was very pleased to welcome guests into the house.
It was also nice to see him again, too.

Our food contribution to the luncheon was this.......... so fresh, so delicious.
Was a bit of a hit with the others, too.

Equinox Day - Japanese people go to the cemeteries to honour
the memories of the departed ancestors.
This is a bhutsidan ( spelling ? ) . 

Chikako`s father`s garden always looks well-tended.

I parked the car on the street outside their house.
I had to park it very close to the garden as the road is not so wide.

Luncheon is served !

Black garlic - my first time ever to hear about it or try it.
What a wonderful new taste.

Group photo.

Chikako`s father wanted a shot of him and Justy.
Justy seemed to not want to sit still...... as per usual. 

Posing for the camera is not his strong point, methinks.
All-in-all we enjoyed the day together a lot.
Then drove back to This City.