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Monday, October 29, 2012

Autumn is coming

Autumn is coming .......leaves are changing. 

Monday, October 29th there was a full moon. 

Above: We enjoyed table cooking.....

BelowBlast from the Past
August, 2008
Dec came to This City to visit from Sidmouth. 

BBQ on the verandah - Two Chefs cooking up a storm ! 

Dec checkin` the mailbox for more bills. 

 Dec seems pleased with his present from Chikako. 

He got a fake tattoo at the Waraji Festival. 

Talking to Grandma June in Brisbane City. 

We went out for pizza ( his favourite food ) one night after
I finished work. August = so hot here. Why was I still wearing a suit ??

Osake ?......You`re too young. 
Besides, it is not so nice. 


Random October, 2012

Oct. #2

I bought a picnic basket - perfect for riverside bbqs.
We intend to enjoy an Abukuma barbie very soon, albeit cold. 

We just love to eat sushi together for dinner. 

Not the box, but inside the box this time - our new bathroom
scales; Panasonic of course. 

We bought a new heater at Yamada Denki for the spare bedroom. 

Deeeeeeeeeeelicious ! 

Sunday, October 28th we went to Sendai by bus.
We enjoyed a long, lazy lunch together ...... 

It was a rainy, chilly, windy, Autumnal day.

But lunch was really good. 

Our Australian friend, Samantha, who lived along the corridor
has moved to Tokyo. She brought us some Farewell Flowers. 
We will miss her happy smile. Plus I enjoyed sometimes talking
with another Aussie. 

Already preparing Christmas Boxes to go to the UK by ship. 
They were sent Monday, November 5th. 
We are on the Countdown to Christmas already. 

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Late Updating.

October # 3
 I have been more than remiss in my updating of this blog. It has been almost one month since I have updated. Things are a little out of sequence, nonetheless.....

We went to one of our favourite restaurants here,  piattoa,
for another long, wonderful dinner together.
All-in-all, it`s a great place to go ..

We went to Yamada Denki and bought some Panasonic bathroom scales
to keep a check on our weight .... don`t want to be American-sized !

Chikako went to Sendai and bought me back some of my favourite
icecream - WEIS from Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia.
The Weis Family have a very popular restaurant at Picnic Point, Toowoomba
and make this amazing ice cream. So unique.

A government helicopter was buzzing our apartment block one fine day.

Next door had the window cleaners in ....

We went to a Gyoza Fair at JRA.

Too many people, had to wait 50 minutes for gyoza.
Hmmmmmmm.......... some other time.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday, 07/10/12.

Sunday, 07th October, 2012.
This City. 

Today we caught the train almost to Iizaka
to go to a new restaurant for lunch. 

Food was so good; I couldn`t stop eating the pizza. 

Above: Fig sherbert for dessert for Chikako :)
Below: Service - I was given hot spearmint tea. 

After lunch we wandered about Iizaka Town. 
We went to see a shrine. 

We caught the train back to This City and attended
the Inari Shrine Festival. 

We bought 7 peppers, my favourite. 

Another great day together.