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Thursday, April 30, 2015


May the 1st 




30th April, 2015 

I traveled by local train 
from This City to That City. 

Unfortunately, it was for work, not pleasure. 

 Looking out from the 5th floor of the office. 
There is a lot of new construction happening, which is great. 

And then back by local train to This City to continue working... 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


30th April, 2015


Happy 19th Birthday !

Current abode is Lancaster City, Lancashire. 

Chikako bought two pieces of cake to celebrate the happy event. 


29th April, 2015 

It is a National Holiday in Japan today. 
And the start of Golden Week for some people, but alas, not me. 

We went on our second Walking Challenge. 

 The train journey took about 50 minutes from This City. 
Many many people ! 

 Signing In for the Walking Challenge. 

JAXA have an engine development factory / research centre there. 
How interesting. 

Chikako san and Mr. Suzuki were walking beside the Abukuma River. 

 The flooding level sign. 

 There was a nano hanna / rapeseed festival on today. 
Unique and well-done. 

A school band lining up to perform. 

Taiko drummers taking a bow. 

 A small plane towing a glider ever-higher ........ 

Mr. Amazing, the volunteer. 
He was here, there, everywhere ! 

Refreshments and a small gift of a Spring flower. 

Back at the station. 

Cheers ! 

They drank free beer whilst I drank cold tea. 
My New Year's Resolution still stands -  One Year, No Beer. 

We enjoyed lunch - five people. 

I enjoyed one glass of German wine; very nice however after 
walking 11 kms, eating a big lunch and being out in the bright sunshine
the glass of wine made me feel very tired, indeed. 

My lunch - left. 
Chikako waiting to start eating. 

At the train station waiting to depart home. 

Walking Challenge #2 done and dusted. 
Only 8 more to go ......