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Monday, January 27, 2014

January - Eri san

  Friday, 31st January, 2014

Today is Eri san's birthday. 

Happy Canadian Birthday, Eri san ! 


Friday evening after I finished work Chikako and I went out for a light dinner. 
We went to a very popular place here in This City - it was great. 


End of January, 2014
One month down, eleven more to go until 2015 ! 

Aust. Day

Sunday, 26th January, 2014

It is Australia Day, of course ! 


On a chilly Thursday night, January 23rd
Chikako and I went out for noodles to a noodle bar 
near BookOff, opposite, AXC . 

Cheap, hot, delicious...... what more could one ask ? 

Monday, January 13, 2014


12th January, 2014
13th January, 2014

Our Christmas present to each other 
was an overnighter at a Ryokan. 
We decided to go to ShiroishiZao; first time. 

Why do women always have to rummage through their bags looking 
for whatever ??

We went for a walk around Shiroishi and ended up at the Castle there. 
Very impressive. Amazing rock walls, methinks

Our room at the Ryokan was amazingly beautiful. 
Tatami floor, etc. 
But no snow. 

The central staircase was of immense interest to me. 
Superb piece of craftsmanship. 

The gift shop where be purchased some sherry glasses. 

We were served both dinner and breakfast in our room, 
Japanese food and Japanese style. 
Why would you want anything else ?

Monday morning there was a little snow outside however it quickly
melted off with the relatively mild temperature/s. 

Just before we climbed into the mini-bus which would take us back to the station. 

An elegant family-run business. 
We'll come back ! 

Omotenashi - Japanese hospitality. 
Outside it was 0 degrees however in the mini-van it was sweltering. 
Too hot ! 

Thanks for a great overnighter, ShiroishiZao !