owling9 michinoku 2017

Sunday, July 29, 2018


30th July, 2018 

My horoscope by Oscar Cainer today is amazingly accurate: 

What are the chances of a miracle?  How likely is the possibility of an extraordinary development ? Can you realistically hope for a dramatic occurrence that will bring tangible, positive action into your life ? Whether you're feeling enthused by hope, or frustrated by a lack of movement, you're in the middle of unfinished business. Your story has yet to unfold completely. As you pause, in preparation for a new chapter to begin, a little patience will make a world of difference. 

Saturday, July 21, 2018


Hmmm.... a trip to Otaru. 

And drinking boutique beer in a small restaurant. 
Take a picture - was it the exact same table ??


Saturday Evening

21st July, 2018 

Sam cooked egg roll for the very first time. 

A most commendable effort. 

The photo does not do the quality of food justice at all .... my poor photography. 

July 19th (2)


19th July, 2018 

2nd Anniversary. 

By special request, dinner was fish 'n chips cooked @ home. 
Delish ! 

July 19th


July 19th 

Dec's Graduation Day.

Good Job, Deccie ! 

And now off to a new adventure in Newry, N. Ireland. 



Sunday, 15th July, 2018 we attended a Medici Concert
at QPAC, Southbank. 

Concert Pianist:  Jayson Gillham. 

Totally amazing musician !  Just wonderful ... 

Pre-concert we sat in the open air cafe and had coffee. 
Or a small cake .... ( not me ) 


During the week Sam cooked a roast chicken from Angus Meats. 
With vegetables and all the trimmings. 


We went to FujiMart during the week and bought some things. 

And I boiled up some meat in the slow cooker for ramen. 

The ramen noodles were not quite the same as the noodles I usually ate in Fukushima. 
Still, they were okay. 
And the eggs were cooked perfectly. 

Sunday, July 8, 2018


08th July, 2018. 

We flew from Archerfield Airport to Caloundra. 

Steve and Sandie pre-flight. 

Just a magical Winter's day in South East Queensland, albeit a little windy. 

Getting some fuel before take off. 

Steve at the controls  - did a top job. 

The lighthouse at Cape Moreton - have never been there before. 
Looks great. 

Tracking up the east coast of Bribie Island towards Caloundra. 

About to land at Caloundra Airport. 

Parked at Caloundra Airport. 

We caught a taxi into Caloundra itself and had lunch at The Drift. 

Took off from Caloundra on a direct track back to Archerfield. 
Can see Stavros' house ! 

 Traffic congestion on the Bruce Highway heading South. 

Looking towards Samford Valley. 

Heading towards the old Keperra Quarry 

The Gap.