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Friday, January 5, 2018



5th January, 2018 

32c and 80% humidity today .
Crazy hot ! 

Oscar Cainer wrote the horoscope for Cancer the Crab: 

You've almost reached a place from where there's no coming back. You've reached a decision and are in that sensitive stage betwixt and between where everything seems familiar, yet nothing is quite the same. You have time to make alterations. There's space for gentle adjustments. No, I'm not hinting at a U-turn, or an error that needs to be resolved. As Mars links to Jupiter this weekend, it provides the energy to put your plans into action. It's just worth giving them a final check before you take off!

It would seem that Mr. Cainer has nailed it for me this day ..... very accurate. 

I also went to Daiso @ Carindale and bought two rods. 

Australians don't seem to use this kind of stuff so much.