owling9 michinoku 2017

Friday, January 19, 2018


19th January, 2018

I took the train to Fukushima City
to visit Terminal Dental
in Fukushima Station. 

The temperature is a little cooler here than it is in Brisbane City. 

As always, Terminal Dental did a slick job. 
All good. 

Below:  I ate a lunch box prepared by Chikako san. 
Healthy. Delicious. Good for my diet. 

Chikako had an appointment @ Kamiken @ 7 pm. 
I tagged along too and managed to fit a cut in as well. 
My scheduled appointment was tomorrow  @ 3 pm

I definitely needed a hair cut / style -  I hadn't had one 
since my last visit to Koriyama in 2017.  

I scored a cup of hot pineapple tea - very refreshing on this chilly Winter's night. 

Thanks, Kamiken Koriyama.