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Friday, December 30, 2016

December 31st


The 31st Day of December, 2016
It's New Year's Eve. 

What happened to 2016 ?? 
 Where did the time go ? 



The penultimate day..... 
30th December, 2016 

We went to the recycle centre 3 times with "stuff" 
The apartment has had a massive revamp and looks much better than it did before. 

We went to Sultan's Kitchen for a quick curry lunch. 
As always, yummy ! 


29th December, 2016

C L E A N I N G ! 

OWL party

28th December, 2016

We held an OWL party at Bar Sakaba in This City. 

Nissen in Osaka quickly delivered new curtains for the apartment. 
Exactly what was ordered. 

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Day, 2016

Christmas Day
25th December, 2016 

Brisbane is currently on track for its coldest Christmas Day in at least 21 years.
A max of just 23.8c so far with a live temp of 21.6c and heavy cloud cover. 1995 saw a max of just 24.5c and it's been fairly warm ever since.