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Monday, May 27, 2013

Sunday This City.

26th May, 2013

It was warm in the morning
and then got hot in the daytime; 29C. 

Some photos of the Spring plants we planted / bought recently. 

After taking Demi-chan to Mazda for a first service, 
we drove to Dake for lunch at a restaurant there.
It was busy but the food and service were great ! 

A pristine Demi-chan patiently waiting in the car park.

Some random driving shots from Dake to Nihonmatsu.

We drove through Nihonmatsu.

Plenty of electric cables and a big Docomo tower....

We returned to the Rose Farm to get two climbing/weeping roses. 
One is white, one is pink.

The roses there are so beautiful, it is difficult to make a choice. 

Some very colourful ground cover of sorts there, 
I don`t know the name. 

One day I hope that our roses look something like these do. 

Driving back towards This City; slightly hazy day. 

We also quickly returned to the Garden Centre
to get some herb punnets.

A hot day, but we enjoyed ! 

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Hey Viv 

Glad that you found the blog. 

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Well, that might be August, 2012 in the ARCHIVE Section. 

Some photos of June at the Gold Coas.t 

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Sunday Lunch

Sunday Lunch

19th May, 2013

We went out for our usual Sunday luncheon. 

We had never been to Iroiro before....we were driving past
and liked the look of it, so we stopped and went it. 

The food was so good, service wonderful and definitely we will return.

After lunch we decided to go for a walk in the park.
Burn off a few calories.

The plants, shrubs, trees were all alive with Spring growth and colours. 
What a good feeling they give to us humans....

More calories - two types of ice cream. 
Grey one is sesame, which was my first time to try. 
Big thumbs up ! 

Snow caps are rapidly disappearing from the Azuma Range
and Mt. Adatara. 

Radiation clean-up is still progressing.

There were some beautiful roses just ready to burst into bloom. 

Some amazing wisteria was growing in the trees.