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Sunday, December 27, 2015




31st December, 2015 

New Year's Eve 

A little get together @ OWL




26/27 Sendai

Boxing Day 
Saturday, 26th December, 2016. 

Chikako's present to me was a weekend away in Sendai. 
We started by catching the highway bus from near our apartment. 

We had a light lunch at Cafe Croissant. 

Then we walked about Sendai City, I was intrigued by the vertical garden. 
So nice to see it and it makes the buildings look really cool, methinks. 

A new Cartier Store will open soon. 
Sandra San will be pleased about this....... 

We paid a brief visit to the Apple Store. 

Our hotel room was very central, convenient and better than usual. 
Room #708. 

Before we went for dinner we walked to see the Illuminations. 
It was very crowded plus it started to rain, quite hard. 
We didn't stay long. 

Chikako had booked at SK7 in Sendai, near Yodabashi Camera. 
I took this picture (above) during the day on Sunday, 27th December. 

The food was great ! 
As was the ambiance. 


Two tables down...... Mr. Yamada from Kellch came with his partner. 
He is front 'n centre of the above photo. 

Sendai by night. 

From our hotel room. 

Sunday Morning
27th December, 2016. 

We checked out and then went to Sendai Church for the post-Christmas Service. 

After Church we went for lunch. 

Then the highway bus back to This City. 

The Full Moon was on the 25th. 
It was the first Full Moon on a Christmas Day in the last 38 years apparently. 
I took the below photos on the 27th, so the moon had just started to wane. 

It looked very mysterious !