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Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 31st, 2011

Saturday Evening
31st December, 2011
In sleepy ol` This City.
Not many people about.

We wanted to eat Soba Noodles .... however everyplace was shut.
Huh ??

So we defaulted back to our old fav; Go_Chan`s Yatai.

YakiSoba always goes down well.

No need to worry about traffic or pedestrians
in Paseo Dori....kinda empty, methinks.

Back to Lions and we did an early toast to 2012.
Health, Wealth & Happiness.
Jacobs Creek Sparkling Shiraz - Red Champers.

 Chikako then started preparing Osechi.

Yum, yum.

We wish you a Blessed New Year in Christ.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Yuki _san

Friday Night
30th December, 2011
This City


Long Time,
No See Yuki_san.

Chikako & I met Yuki_san for dinner and drinks this very night.

Our first time ever at this izakaya.
It was really good !  

Above: A somewhat genki Yuki_san !
Below: Chikako & me.

Outside, by the train station are many thousands of birds, like Starlings.
They roost in the trees there every night and are terribly raucous.

It`s time to say, Good Night.

Above: We are Blessed, we are so happy together.
I worry about my old friend, Yuki_san.

Below: Not so warm tonight.

And tomorrow is New Year`s Eve.
Chikako & I are going to go and eat Soba Noodles together
to herald in 2012.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Noodles on Sunday

18th December, 2011


We went to our fav noodle bar for lunch. 
Always good. 

The new Shink.

New Shinkansen. 

Corona Heater

Thursday Night
15th December, 2011


Our early Christmas present from my Mother was delivered.
A new heater which we bought in Osaka.
Sooooooo warm.  

And so we then had to rearrange the plants a little bit
 to accommodate our new Corona heater..... 

Christmas Pudding

Saturday Night
17th December, 2011


Chikako is making her very first Christmas Pudding. 

Based on a recipe from my late paternal Grandmother, whom I never met. 

Handed down to Chikako from my cousin / her Godmother, Jennifer. 

Let the preparations begin ! 

Above: The magic mix, itself.

Below:  How many puddings exactly ??
20, if you will.

The story continued......now it`s Sunday. 

Happy Birthday, Norm.

Saturday, 17th December, 2011
D.O.B. 1925 

Happy Birthday, Norm !

Earth to Heaven.
Had he not died he would have been 86 today. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

JES Party

Saturday Evening
26th November, 2011

We held our Christmas Bash ! 
Why so early ? Because we  had to beat the Christmas rush. 

Above: Chikako & me, and Masayuki_san (staff).
Below:  Great mates ! 

Below:  Can you sport the gaijin ?? ( like, Where`s Wally?
Hint -  Nihonjin all have hair. 

The night that was ........ 
We all enjoyed yet another memorable JES party. 
Until 2012 then.