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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday 31st

31st August, 2014 

We drove down to That City
to meet our friend, Shoko-san 
from near the Sea of Japan.

Shoko san gave us a bottle of wine. 
So thoughtful. 

We went to our favourite Vietnamese restaurant
for a long, lazy luncheon. 

Desert is served . 

After that we went to Kaiseizan Park
to stroll amongst the trees. 

The fountain put on a cool display. 

We happened upon a free jazz concert. 

The Sakura trees are so gnarled - just amazing. 

Many archers were shooting arrows at targets.

We elevated Shoko-san to the dizzy heights of Big I
for a look see. 

We had a great day together ! 

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Friday Afternoon
22 August, 2014

This City experienced a crazy electrical storm. 
I came home from work for a while
and took these photos. 
Thunder, lightning, wind ......


                            I received some gifts from students. 
They are so kind to me ! 


We went to our favourite noodle shop for lunch. 


I took a few simple night shots
from the roof of the office building. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014


17th August, 2014

Rainy, misty day however there is a fireworks festival
for Obon tonight. 

Preparing at 9 am Sunday morning
the rain clouds hanging low over the mountains to the East. 

Heather and Ben

Saturday Afternoon 
16th August, 2014
Brisbane City

Heather and Ben got married ! 

Unfortunately we could not fly down to Australia for their nuptials. 
In lieu of that, we decided to celebrate a little here. 
Champagne and cake. 



16th August, 2014

It was raining heavily all day long. 

We went to a Chinese Restaurant which we like for lunch. 

Above - Chikako san ate the soup. 
Below -  I ate spicy tofu.  

After that, we walked back to the mansion and got Demi-chan
and drove down to the Mazda Dealership.
It has a re-opening after being re-newed. 
We saw Akiba-san. 

We were presented with a promotional bottle of red wine. 

We drank coffee there. 

Good Luck Fukushima Mazda ~ a nice experience.