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Sunday, January 21, 2018


21st January, 2018

Chores Day 
Koriyama City. 

We wrote a 'To Do' List and stuck with it. 

The shipping boxes. 
The inventory list. 
Break the PC's memory. 

In the midst of this we decided to have lunch. 

Apart from the pumpkin, all was good.....

Sooooo delicious. 
Not so expensive, either. 

It is now time to say Thank You and Bye Bye
to my Fujitsu PC which I bought in 2010. 
How amazing it has been ! 
Thanks, Fujitsu. 

One last time to use and transfer data onto a memory stick. 

A cold snowy day .... unlike Australia which is over-heating. 

Until the recycling folks come for it, the PC has to live outside. 
It won't know about it 'cause I've taken the memory out. 

And time to start thinking about shipping stuff to Brisbane. 
I've put some stuff into my suitcase for QF62, 
and checked boxes for future packing / sea transportation.

Washing takes forever to dry in the snow; in Australia it takes about 30 minutes. 

DemiChan under the snow. 

One of my daily chores was to scrape the snow off DemiChan. 
Another daily chore was to use the Dyson vacuum cleaner
to keep the floor clean. 

Stavros and Alicia sent us some scratch tickets for the New Year. 
Only a $5 prize. 

I traveled by train from Koriyama City to Fukushima City
to meet a friend. 

We had lunch in NICO Restaurant in Paseo Street. 

Fukushima Station; I was waiting to travel back to Koriyama. 

We went out for dinner. 
Friday Night, 27th January, 2018. 

We enjoyed. 

Chikako also prepared some Shishamo
 (柳葉魚, literally "Willow Leaf Fish")

Saturday, 28th January, 2018
we took the Shinkansen to Tokyo to stay until Monday. 

A very fine day, indeed. 
Warm enough to start melting the snow off. 

We took a taxi to the station 
and whilst waiting had coffee @ Tully's. 

View from our 6th Floor ( Japanese count ) hotel room. 

I had not stayed in this part of Tokyo before. 
Very comfortable and convenient.