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Thursday, December 27, 2018

End of Year

End of Year. 


Sam cooked dinner - as always, it tasted great. 

Osechi.... yummy. 


27th October, 2018 

We went to see Jennifer today. 
Phillip, Ann and Vikki also came up from the Gold Coast. 

Sam helping out in the kitchen whilst the dogs circle about ... 

Ann and Jennifer. 
Vikki sitting in June's "old chair" . 

Max -  my favourite dog.  He's got a lovely chill personality. 

The grass around Jimboomba was very green thanks to all of the recent rain
that Queensland has gotten.  Need more though. 

Sunday, December 23, 2018



The humble Chrissie Tree for 2018. 
Few pressies already placed ready to go ... 

BBQ 'n Charcoal .... nice, eh ? 

Summer Pudding for Sam .... it's a tradition apparently. 

Chef Sam @ the hotplate .... 

Sam scored a home-made GingerBread Man ! 

 A very quiet day which is what it was intended to be .... perfect.