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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Some music I like


22 March, 2015 


We had an early morning visitor ........ welcome to our humble abode. 


Again, it was such a beautiful early Spring day. 
We decided to drive out to a new place, somewhere we had never been before. 
We went to Yanagawa. 

I want to return soon to see the Cherry Blossoms. 

 Montana Lodge -  needs some work, nonetheless it looked stylish.

Fukinoto - Butterburr growing wild.
This is sooooooo good to eat.

Some trees growing in an orchard, maybe they are persimmons..... not sure. 

Such magical weather ! 



21 March, 2015 

It is a public holiday in Japan due to the Spring Equinox. 
Plus there was a solar eclipse yesterday, although not seen in Northern Japan. 
So, I managed to score a rare Saturday off from work. 

It was a beautiful early Spring day and we drove down from 
This City
That City. 

We visited some graves like so many other people today ! 
Then we went to Hotel Homatsu where we met Chikako's parents for lunch. 
The food was soooooooooooo good. 

We all ate the same Japanese fare; set menu and pre-ordered online. 

 Chikako's parents seem to enjoy both dinner and time with us. 

 Japanese sweets are #1 ! 

Demi Chan waiting patiently in the carpark at Hotel Homatsu. 

After that we went back to their house to spend time with Justy san. 

 Me taking a photo of my boots - mistake, actually. 

 Demi Chan waiting in the Spring sunshine. 

Radiation cleaning. 

 Chikako playing with a very genki Justy san ! 

The in-house Butsudan. 

All-in-all, a fun day. 



19th March, 2015

We went to Masuzo after work. 
We hadn't been there for a long time. 
The food was so so ..... forgettable actually. 
Maybe this time was the last ever time. 



18th March, 2015

Mayumi san brought some souvenirs 
back from her recent trip to Sapporo. 

Below -  Eri san brought some chocolates back from her one year stay in Canada. 
Thanks, Eri san ! 

We will have a welcome party and farewell party
on Saturday, the 4th of April. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday 15

15th March, 2015 

We drove DemiChan from This City to That City 
to go to Church. 
We wanted to pray for the victims of 3/11. 

After Church we went for lunch. 
Yum yum ! 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

4th Memorial

2:46 pm 
11th March 
2011  - 2015 

4th Memorial 

I caught the early train to Hobara Station as per usual
then walked to a company where I have been going everyday. 

The flags were flying at half mast in deference ...... 

At that early time, I received a photo from That City showing how much snow
there was that day. 

This is Hobara from the train platform. 

That night in our apartment we lit two candles and prayed for the lost souls
as well as those still hurting.