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Monday, January 31, 2011

Cyclone Yasi - Queensland, Australia

My homestate, Queensland in North Eastern Australia, is bracing for a mega-cyclone, possibly a Category 4, following swiftly on the tail of the recent disastrous flooding.

Check it out:


 This seriously ain`t good .... Ganbate, Sandra_san in Cairns.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Asia Cup

  =    S  O  C  C  E  R    =

A s i a   C u p


Played in Doha, Qatar

Blue Samurai  -Japan, my adopted country


Socceroos  - Australia, my native country


Both happy `n sad.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Count Down

Count Down for the end of Sam`s Visit.

Thursday, 20th January, 2011
We had ramen for lunch at one of our favourite noodle bars
S-Pal, Fukushima City.

Friday Evening, 21st January, 2011.
Spanish Bar, Fukushima City
With Yoko Onozaki.

Saturday evening, 22nd January, 2011.

Coffee in Tokyo
Just perfect .... !

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy Times / Sad Time

Sam and Chikako -  Tokyo
Saturday night 22nd, January, 2011.

Sam`s  midday flight back to the U.K.
Sunday, 23rd January, 2011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011



17th January


Edwin & Maymui drove Sam and me to Minero Ski Resort
I took this video clip enroute

Above and Below:
 Sam snowboarding at Minero Ski Resort

Above:  Snow falling down from the roof and then piling up

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Minero Ski Resort

18th January, 2011


Edwin & Mayumi from An English Inn drove Sam and me to Minero Ski Resort, Inawashiro

I had never skied before - my very first time.
Sam was quite the snowboarder - he has snowboarded in the UK, France, New Zealand and now Japan.

Me photographing my skis !

Snowboarder Sam.
Quite the Snowboarder.
Quite the Young Man.

My Boy.

An English Inn - Tuesday

Looking out from the bedroom window
Check out the depth of the drifts.

Tuesday, 18th January, 2011.

Edwin prepared a wonderful breakfast.

Mayumi_san, Sam and Edwin as we prepare to leave.
Sam and me - photo by Mayumi_san.

Snow-bound: An English Inn.

An English Inn

17th January


We travelled from Fukushima to Inawashiro by local train

We were delayed in Koriyama nearly 5 hours because of the wind and snow storm
Somewhat boring, I might add ....

Sam and I stayed at Inawashiro
An English Inn

Run by: Edwin & Mayumi_san

Edwin was a lecturer at Deakin University
One of my old Alma Maters !
Small World, eh ?

Pipi Pasta

Aussie Beef and new spuds

All-in-all, a cracking time.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Church of England - Koriyama City.

On Sunday morning
16th January, 2011
we attended
 St. Peters & St. Pauls Church of England
Koriyama City

 Bishop Kato from Sendai officiated.

 My old friend, Haruka_san who had a baby girl, Momoko_chan last October.

A charming smile - just for me !!  Thank you.

Churchgoers milling around waiting for luncheon. Bishop Kato is on the far right of the photo.


Me `n my long-time 4/49 policeman friend, Hideo.
Who is also Chikako`s Godfather.

Below is a video clip....just because.

Sam saying Goodbye

Sam at JES Fukushima saying Goodbye to some of his new friends ....
Saturday afternoon, 15th January, 2011.

Kosei, Sam and Mitsuna.

Sam and Kosei.
Sam and Mitsuna.

Chika, Rui, Sam and Narumi.

Narumi gave Sam a Goodbye box of chocolates.