owling9 michinoku 2017

Wednesday, October 26, 2016



23rd October, 2016 

We drove to KitaKata  via Lake Inawashiro. 

Saturday, October 15, 2016

16th October.

 H  A  P  P  Y     B  I  R  T  H  D  A  Y 

S A M U E L  


16th October, 2016 

We went for a picnic to Moniwa Dam. 

New Food 
We bought some new-to-us food at Moniwa today. 


Photo from the internet of huckleberries. 

 We also bought some nuts. 

 After roasting, but alas, we over-roasted them ! 
Not worth a bean ....... 

We also bought some red chillies. 
We are going to dry them on our window ledge. 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Friday 14th October

the 14thday of October, 2016. 

Jun 23 - Jul 23
This weekend you'll be surprised by what you can achieve. Surprises can be either unwelcome or joyful. It depends on how you perceive them. And, although your track record in a key area provides no hint of potential triumph, why shouldn't this be when everything fits together? You've spent valuable time working with a difficult jigsaw puzzle. Though the edges have been easy, the critical central section has been hard to finish. Now, as it all falls into place, you'll find that the picture you've created is delightful.

Monday, October 10, 2016



11th October, 2016 

It's a National Holiday in Japan today
in honour of Sports Day. 

We went for a walk and saw the Inari Shrine Festival. 

We ended up walking to Oiwake's Wine Shop and buying a bottle of Coco Vineyard's wine. 
It was very nice. 

That City


09th October, 2016 

We had a Family Dinner at the View Hotel
in That City 

The Entree was served ...

 Left: Eight hungry members. 

The Master and his Apprentice. 

Food Art. 


 Firstly, presenting the Fukushima Wagyu Beef Steak. 
Then, cooking and seasoning it. 

 Just about to "flame" everything .....

Et Voila ! 

 And it tasted every bit as good as it looks. 

To the Master and his Apprentice  -  Thank you both ! 

Everyone was checking out the fantastic view ...... 

 Coffee was served. 

Luncheon was finished.

After that we went back to Chikako san's parents' house 
for chit chat and then dinner. 

I was so full that I really could not eat another morsel. 

 Thus said, this was really good. 

 Tsuyoto and Naomi san presented us with a Wedding Envelope. 
Thanks ! 

End of a wonderful Sunday. 
Chikako San drove back from That City to This City.