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Monday, August 27, 2012

Sunday, 26th

Sunday, 26th August, 2012
We drank some Israeli wine - Yarden. 
It was our first time to try it. 

It was nice, maybe not amazing though. 
"Thin taste, like a new wine," Chikako said. 

Monday 20th August

Sunday night, 19th we returned to Ueno from Narita
and stayed in the same hotel. 
It was very hot and humid, especially so after the magical weather of the 
Gold Coast winter. 

Chikako bought a small present each for Sam and Dec. 
They were very happy to receive it. 

Chikako caught the shinkansen northbound and I went
on the train with the boys to Narita. They were due
on the 9.55 pm Air France flight to Paris, wait 10 hours in CDG
and then Flybe back to Exeter City. 

I caught the bus back from Narita to This City - takes 5 hours. 

Beautiful Japan, so different to Australia. 
Vacation is over. 

Sunday Outbound

Sunday Morning
19th August, 2012

We flew out of Tugun Airport Narita bound. 
Unfortunately on Jetstar again... 

Above: We took off heading south over the NSW border
to later turn northwards. 

Below; Nice shot of Cook Island off Fingal ( lighthouse ). 

An uneventful and boring flight back. 
Terrible Jetstar non-service inflight. 

Saturday Night

Saturday Night, 18th August, 2012
Enroute back to the Gold Coast from Brisbane
we stopped by Mt. Cootha. 

Our last night in Oz before flying out in the morning. 

Saturday Arvo

Saturday Afternoon, 18th August, 2012. 

After Eaton`s Hill we returned to their house 
for afternoon tea. 
Lee-san dropped over; she meet us in That City in 2007 when 
she and Andrea came to visit us there.
Obviously I had met her before that, but it was then a first-time meeting
for her, Andrea and Chikako.

It was nice to catch up !
However my photos of her are only video clips, not snaps. 

We all enjoyed a special day together. 

Geoffrey`s Birthday Lunch

Saturday, 18th August, 2012
Geoffrey-san`s Birthday. 

We got up and took June to Phillip`s house on the Gold Coast
where she will spend the next four days or so, then return to 
Brisbane to the nursing home. 

After that, we drove north to Brisbane City to meet 
Geoff & Andie for his birthday lunch at Eaton`s Hill Tavern. 

Geoffrey drove his Godson, Sam down in his newish MX5.
Obviously Sam loved it. 

We had a wonderful time at the Eaton`s Hill Tavern. 

Dec was happily esconsced in the passenger`s seat for the trip back
to their house for more festivities. 

Currumbin Sanctuary

Friday, 17th August, 2012

Chikako & I took a welcome break together and went to
Currumbin Sanctuary to see some Australian animals. 
It was really well done and we enjoyed.

After that, we got the boyz and went to Robina Shopping Town. 
I got some new shoes, amongst other things. 

A busy but fun Friday. 

The Rels

Wednesday, 18th August, 2012

We made a trip to J/ba to see my cousins, Jennifer and Rozanne. 
I hadn`t seen Jennifer since 1968 and Rozanne since 1981. 

They obviously hadn`t seen June for yonks either, 
had never met Chikako nor Sam & Dec, their second cousins. 

Rozanne, June and Jennifer with Sherlock. 
June is their aunt by marriage. 
Jennifer has known June for more than 60 years ! 

Jennifer is Chikako`s Godmother - it was great that they could finally meet ! 

The Cousins turned on a delicious luncheon - too much great food ! 
We enjoyed so much. 

I am not sure that Sherlock the fearless hound understood that June
could not see him........ 

Rozanne named one of her ducks after me -  Ian the Duck. 
I am honoured, maybe. 

We took a self-timed photograph to complete the day. 
From the left: Ian, Dec, Sam, Rozanne (hiding) Jennifer, Chikako
Seated is June and dog is Sherlock. 

My Family. 


Some new gaijin foods which Chikako tried. 
August, 2012. 


Life Savers

Pavlova @ Rozanne`s house. 

Moreton Bay Bug - gift from Phillip to Chikako. 

Fillet Steak wrapped in bacon - Chef Chikako with Chef Vikki.