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Saturday, May 24, 2014


Sunday Morning 
25th May, 2014

I am home alone for a few hours today
however I am not lonely at all. 

My small balcony garden is enjoying the Spring already. 

And the lilly which Chikako bought is doing so well, too. 

My favourite ever-changing view from our apartment. 

Mr. Crow decided to stop by
and say, "Hi" to me. 

Newcomer, Mr / Ms ?  Pigeon stopped by also. 


Wednesday,  28th May, 2014

Shoko san traveled from Joetsu City to This City 
to our company office. 

I was thrilled to finally meet her ! 
She kindly brought me a gift. 

Delicious ! 
Thank you, Shoko ...... 


Saturday Night, 31st May, 2014

After I finished work, we walk uptown to see the Festival. 

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