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Saturday, May 24, 2014


Saturday Night 
24th May, 2014

My work held a somewhat belated 

Welcome to Spring Party. 

Not many people attended however it was great fun ! 

Venue was good, 
                food was good, 
                                           company was good
                                                               - all was good. 

These pictures were taken on my cell phone camera,  
hence the quality is somewhat wanting ...... nonetheless
they do provide a record of the event. 

 The food was ongoing. 
Just didn't stop. 

 I really need a haircut - booked in on Monday, 2nd June. 

Everybody said that it was a hot night but I still wore a sweater. 
Maybe it is because I am 
a Brizzie Boy at heart. 

 ........ this tasted sooooooooooo good ! 

Small sweets to finish.
Do not need extra-large servings. 

The two hard-working chefs ..... very genki boyz ! 

Thanks; we all enjoyed our office party. 

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