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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Saturday, 17th May.

Saturday Night

17th May, 2014

We went out for dinner together 
to celebrate
my tenth anniversary in Japan. 

I arrived on Sunday, 16th May, 2004
for the very first time and haven't left. 


We decided to go out to a local Korean BBQ shop to celebrate
this auspicious occasion. 

Staff gave us paper bibs to use ...... did they remember me from last time when I spilt everything down the front of my shirt ?? 

Each table has its own gas grill plate - table cooking is great fun. 

Ah, the salad was perfectly prepared  ! 

This shop does an amazing spicy ramen which I had last time we were there. 
How could I not order it again this time around ? 

 Guts are very popular in Asia, I don't mind eating them either. 
Chikako san ordered a plate, even though I had had my fill already. 
She said that they tasted great. 

We enjoyed Korean BBQ. 

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