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Saturday, May 10, 2014

May 11th

Sunday, 11th May, 2014

What a beautiful Spring day it is ! 

We drove DemiChan down to a noodle bar south of This City. 
It is a wonderful eatery; we often come here. 

To the left is my lunch. 
Below is Chikako's lunch.  

After eating we drove to the nearby Rose Farm
and spoke with the elderly owners. 

OMG !   Really ?   LOL ....  
But for Gaijin, this is actually a genki word. 

I bought this one ..... so delicate with a wonderful scent. 

Chikako chose a different one to buy. 

Staff showed us an old rose with a borer eating away at the roots ..... 

As always, Demi Chan was waiting patiently in the 26C warmth. 

We drove down to Adachi; I have never actually been there before. 
Been through it on the train and the highway, but never stopped. 

First things first, ice cream. 

Many hungry carp were in the pond. 

 Above is the old Silk House was so interesting for me. 
I cannot imagine how difficult life would have been for the people
back in those days. 

Below are photos from a different building. 

The fire is real, the huge kettle is full of boiling water ......... 

He was a volunteer who was so kind to us; he explained many different things. 

There was a Cosplay Festival happening at the same time. 
Many many cosplay actors with photographers ! 

She was funky !  

An olden style bath. 

Hello Mr. Frog ! 

Take care that you are not eaten by a hungry bird. 

A warm Spring day.
Another new adventure. 

Life is great ! 


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