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Saturday, May 3, 2014

May 3rd.

The 3rd of May, 2014

What a magical Spring day in The City. 
We packed and went back to Handanuma for a picnic 
to see the last of the Sakura by the lake. 

I want to see a wild bear in Japan and apparently there are bears 
in the surrounding woodlands. 

We seemed to be taking quite a bit of kit for a simple picnic ........ 
Plus my new hiking stick; perfect for fending off a wild bear. 

 Chikako setting out the luncheon in the 25C sunshine. 

The last of the cherry blossoms; the wind was blowing the blossoms gently away. 

My video effort was not so spectacular unfortunately. 

After finishing lunch, we went for a stroll through the woods. 
Amazingly, there were swing sets at random intervals. 

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