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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tuesday, 27th August, 2013

27th August, 2013

We caught the bus to Coolangatta Airport. 
Then flew Jetstar to Narita. 
Flight was okay enough for Jetstar.

Chikako bought some new Ray Ban sunglasses at the airport.
Very cool, methinks.

Flying up the Queensland Coast on a perfect Winter`s day.

Flying over the Great Barrier Reef - so beautiful.

We arrived back at Narita, travelled to Ueno
and stayed at the Sutton Hotel.
Not so bad, room was okay.

I really just wanted to eat Japanese food
in an Izakaya.
I ate enough gaijin-food in Oz; too oily, salty and high calorie.

It was cheap, tasted okay and we enjoyed the atmosphere.

Back to the Sutton Place Hotel to wake up to a shinkansen ride back to This City.

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