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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tuesday, 13th August, 2013

13th August, 2013
Toowong Cemetery 

I wanted to go `n see the rels at Toowong Cemetery. 
Time to clean the graves of leaves, etc. 
And to try and sort of clean the headstones as best we could. 
Dec did a sterling job helping out........ 

Firstly, we went to the YATES grave, which is in disprepair.
Sunken and covered in humus.

Even the headstone needs a good scrub down.

Florence appeared to see what we were up to.
Nice to meet you .... 

After huffing and puffing,
sweeping and dusting,
we sort of got the grave back into some semblence of order.
Still, it does need to be professionally repaired soon.

Then we turned our attention to the WEST grave.
The one in front, plus the one at the back with the tree growing.

Luckily, thankfully, this grave is still in good condition.
The concrete is fine etc.
We swept it off and cleaned as best as we could.

Robert West ( I never met him ) and his family`s
grave is not sealed with concrete, but still in good condition
especially since the beautiful tree is protecting it from the elements. 

I cleaned up some very old, broken vases, maybe 1920s era - nothing
more to do. 

I bade my departed ancestors a fond adieu !
Until next time.


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