owling9 michinoku 2017

Monday, April 2, 2018


The Easter Full Moon shining brightly down upon us. 
Full of Hope and Love for the upcoming year. 

Easter Sunday we attended St. Peters and St. Pauls Church
in Koriyama with our dear friend, Hideo. 

I still always carry my cross in my wallet everywhere. 
Cross was on a kneeling cushion. 

We had a couple of photos taken in the Church foyer
after the Service concluded. 

So nice to see flowers adorning the steps etc. 

Butterbur .... Fuki No To. 

We went to a cafe we like near the Police Office
in South Koriyama on Route 4. 

We chatted with Hideo for a few hours. 
It is always great to see him. 


Back to the apartment in the car. 
Rest awhile and the walk down to Usui Dori
to meet our friends. 

Staff took our group photo before we kicked the evening off. 
Sooooo  good that this group met once again .... always fun fun fun. 

Food was good. 

I was very surprised .... in the mens' bathroom
was a Mark Rothko framed print. 

Huh ?