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Monday, April 2, 2018


03rd April, 2018

My Starz for today are very apt. 
Courtesy of Jonathon Cainer. 

No one can make clear decisions if they are under too much stress. Don't get me wrong, a little stress is healthy; it can give you an edge and sharpen your responses. But when you have been through the kind of challenges you have faced recently, the stress levels can inhibit your judgement. Right now, you are trying to work out where to draw the line in a certain matter. Step back a moment, enjoy the comforting glow Venus is offering now she is safely at home in Taurus. Relax awhile, clarity is coming very soon.


Fly QF62  Tokyo Narita to Brisbane. 

Nippon Express Staff to collect
8 x 20 kg boxes for air freight to Brisbane. 
With my 28 kg suitcase the total weight
was approximately 190 kgs. 

We enjoyed a Japanese style lunch at a wonderful local restaurant. 
We went there for the first time in January this year. 
Sat at the counter again. 

I chose hamburg with a pureed (like) onion sauce. 
Just fantastic ! 

Chikako ate shrimp. 

A beautiful sakura flower arrangement in the foyer. 

I took some photos around and about the soon-to-be empty apartment. 

Before boarding the shinkansen to Ueno 
we enjoyed a cup of coffee together in Doutor, 
2nd floor, Koriyama Station. 

The weather was fine and warm. 

From Ueno Station I took the Skyliner to Narita
to arrive about 4.20 pm .... check-in for QF62 started @ 5 pm. 

The flight was fairly empty and I managed to get two seats
to myself which was helpful for sleeping. 

There was a cyclone in Far North Queensland so
our flight tracked more westerly and took an hour or so longer. 
Instead of arriving on Wednesday @ 5.25 am we arrived about 6.20 am. 

Brisbane was overcast and rainy.