owling9 michinoku 2017

Friday, March 30, 2018


26th March, 2018

I caught the local train to Fukushima City. 
I bumped into Mitsuki, Mitsuna's sister in Jupiter .... what a nice surprise ! 

Tuesday, I caught the local train back to Koriyama City. 
Below:  Fukushima Station was a warm 15C and fine. 

Tuesday Evening, we went to an izakaya ( lower ground ) 
in the Arcade.  I could only eat fish, not meat. 
It was our first time there, nice. 

Walking back to the apartment, near the new Ginza Hair Salon
this tree was lit-up. 

28th March, 2018

Chikako was off work today. 
We walked downtown for lunch in a Chinese restaurant. 

I drank some delicious alcohol-free beer. 

We ended up in Yodabashi Camera near the Station. 
Tried a blood pressure machine, although we already have one .... 

 Had afternoon coffee @ Doutor near Usui. 

Bought these in USUI, downstairs. 
Will take them back to Brisbane to share with the Australian people. 

29th March, 2018

It's Maundy Thursday. 
The Thursday before Easter ( foot washing day ).
The sky .... taken from the apartment balcony. 

Chikako received some farewell flowers from her Iwaki co-workers. 

Maundy Thursday Moon in Koriyama. 
It's 2 nights before full moon. 

Blurry photos from the apartment balcony. 
Best that I could do ....