owling9 michinoku 2017

Sunday, March 25, 2018


24th March, 2018

Afternoon Tea
Yukie, Emi & Momo Chan. 

Pre-Afternoon Tea we stopped by Aeon Town, Koriyama
for a look at running shoes for Sam. 

Trying to take some photos of the snow-capped Azuma Mountains. 
Didn't turn out so good, methinks. 

Afternoon Tea Time ! 
I got a little present .... thank you. 

Kinda high calories and I'm supposed to be on a diet. 
Tasted good, though. 

Below:  Yukie has just bought herself a new Subaru XV. 
Here she is driving off in it. 

25th March, 2018
We drove to Chikako's parents' house
who then drove us to Ota City, Gunma Prefecture. 

Shizue gave us some wonderful gifts
for the upcoming Big Move. 

Noriyuki cooked us all a wonderful luncheon. 
Unfortunately I could not eat any meat due to it being Lent. 
However, I could eat fish ...

Chilli Prawns / Chilli Ebi. 

Chikako also received some kiminos 着物, きもの. 

Family Heirlooms .... 

Early Spring daffodils / suisen. 

Enroute back to Koriyama. 
Chikako was driving her father's Prius because he had had a beer for lunch. 

During the week I started packing eight (8) boxes
 for air freight to Brisbane. 

Tedious. Hard work.