owling9 michinoku 2017

Monday, March 19, 2018


20th March, 2018

QF61  Brisbane to Tokyo
9.55 am takeoff. 

My horoscope for today courtesy once more
Oscar Cainer. 
Once more, quite prophetic, methinks. 

Do you really need to work all the hours of the day in order to reach your objective? When you feel as if you can't take any time off you end up suffering from stress and can lose yourself in minutiae rather than keeping your objective in perspective. The Equinox brings the potential to simplify a situation. If you're unsure of the best thing to do, do what feels right. If you don't know what the best thing is, just stay open to ideas. You'll soon know what the wrong thing is, and then you'll know what's right.


Bright sunny day for a flight. 
We tracked out over Bulimba and Hawthorne. 

 Skyline into Ueno Station. 
Sakura Season is almost here .... 

I was so tired that I booked a shinkansen ticket to Fukushima City
and not Koriyama City .... overpaid. 
Didn't realize until I was almost @ Koriyama !  
Need to sleep. 

Koriyama Station @ night. 
We went for a late night feast West Side of the Station. 

It's always wonderful to be back in Japan.