owling9 michinoku 2017

Monday, December 18, 2017


In November ( last month )  .... various events. 

I went to Toowong Cemetery to think about cleaning the family graves. 

There was a rain squall. Strong wind and torrential rain. 

Below:  Work on the garages for the town house complex
being erected at the rear of my rental apartment. 

PO Box 52, The Gap is vacant and seeking a new leasee ..... 

 I met Geoffrey San @ The Gap Coffee Club 
for a light luncheon and a catch-up. 

I made some soup. 

As per usual I have been amusing myself with planting things. 
And cutting plastic mineral water bottles into containers for plants. 

A very cute possum comes @ night to eat the red berries on the Lilly Pilly tree. 

  A gecko also is a regular visitor. 

I am doing a 7 week diet. 
No alcohol, no carbs. 
Eating healthy foods, small portions, daily exercise, etc. 

And in December ...... my plants started growing. 

The town house complex continued to also grow. 

Phillip and I had a JIP WEST luncheon at the Currumbin Pub. 
Food was good.

Bumped into Leesa from Sumptious Fine Foods. 
What a lovely surprise ! 

My passionfruit vine is enjoying its new home on my balcony. 

The Christmas Tree in the foyer of Tynan's Office, City. 

City Cat Eagle Street. 

Coming into Balmoral on the City Cat. 
Heavy storm is imminent. 

Some cosmetics to go to Japan in January. 

I was driving to the Gold Coast and the mileage came up 
on the Subaru Impreza. 

Phillip's new porch and awning are taking shape.
Positive addition to the house. 

I stopped by Currumbin Alley to check out the surf. 

I traveled back to Brisbane City via Surfers Paradise. 

 More of my healthy lifestyle. 
Making a smoothie. 

Sunday, 17th December, 2017. 
I went over to Sandie's house for a casual dinner. 
Her hibiscus plant was in bloom and looking wonderful. 

Is she Japanese ?  LOL 

Below: Chef Steve prepared the steak. 

Monday, 18th December. 
I went into the City to see Tynan P in their office. 
Caught the City Cat back - sat at the very front, although it was 
incredibly hot in that position.