owling9 michinoku 2017

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wednesday / Thursday

Wednesday, 24th May, 2017 
Thursday, 25th May, 2017 . 

I drove from Elanora to Umbiram via the Logan Motorway. 
Quite a drive; I am no longer used to such distances. 

Brendan and Sandie's "new" dog, NELSON. 

A handsome young man very pleased with his Golden Bear cap. 

Snags cooking on the bbq. 
Then came the steak and mushies ... 

Chef Brendan pouring beer on the steaks..... 

The house -  BIG changes since I last saw it. 

My Southern Boobook Owl ...... @ dawn on Thursday. 
Very nice 5 C. 

Monsieur Pierre @ Umbiram. 

Nelson, this morning ... 

Left @ 7.45 am to drive Brendan into Toowoomba to go to work. 
Fine day. Bright sunshine. 

Can you see the school bus ? 

Heading down the Toowoomba Range - 10% incline. 
Soooo steep. 

Trucks, trucks and more trucks ..... trucks everywhere. 

And back to the Gold Coast .... 

Thank you, Monsieur Pierre.