owling9 michinoku 2017

Monday, May 15, 2017

This City

14th May, 2017

My last day in This City. 

We had an inspection from Mr. Takahashi @ 11.30 am for 90 minutes. 
It seemed to go very well. 

Then we walked to the station and ate lunch. 

On the shinkansen from This City to Ueno. 

The Shinkansen to go to Ueno. 

MyStay Hotel in Ueno East.
It was very nice. 

The view out of the hotel room's window.

 The "hidden" cemetery next door to the hotel ..... 

We caught the subway to the Sumida River.
Here are some photos around there.


Someone's pet rabbit with a pink lead. 

An advertisement for Japan's Award Winning Nikka Whisky. 

A very beautiful and obviously old roof garden with roses. 

Near Ueno Station.

 Some beers and popcorn .....very nice. 

After the pub we went to a vegetarian shabu shabu restaurant. 
It was wonderful ! 

Table cooking -  tuna dashi.  
Dashi is a simple and delicious broth
which is common in Japan. 

Presentation of the vegetables was superb. 

Tired but it was a happy day.