owling9 michinoku 2017

Monday, May 15, 2017


15th May, 2017

We checked out of MyStay Hotel in Ueno. 
Went to DoCoMo and cancelled my cell phone contract. 

Went on a river cruise on the Samida River. 

Then a late lunch. 

I caught the SkyLiner out to Narita Terminal #3. 

Flying Jetstar JQ12 from Narita to Coolangatta overnight. 


Today is the 10th Memorial of my late Father's death. 
Coincidently the plaque was placed on the joint graves today. 


Monday in Ueno. 
We went for a stroll through Ueno Park. 
Unfortunately the museums were closed because it was Monday. 

We caught the subway back to the Sumida River 
to go for a cruise to Odaiba and back. 

I ate some not-sweet soft cream / gelato ?  Really good. 

A helicopter. 

Tsukiji Fish Markets. 

We went on a dinner cruise on this ship in January, 2008 ? About. 

We ate a late lunch. 


After lunch and just before I went to Narita
we drank tapioca drinks in a cafe near Ueno Park. 

The Skyliner on the Keisei Line about to take me to Narita T3.

Jetstar JQ12  Narita to Coolangatta
Night flight.  
How many times have I taken this flight now ? 

J  A  P  A  N 
Thank you for the last exactly 13 years. 
It was a fantastic experience. 
See you again !